Madden NFL Overdrive – Most Feared Review


I would be lying if I said this update didn’t take me by surprise, but boy, was it a welcome surprise.

Now, let’s talk about this topic more in-depth.

It seems that the Most Feared event is triggered yearly, players get a chance to upgrade their players and team much faster as double XP was enabled for one week.

Above, the trailer for the new event is shown, it explains how the event will work and what other features it may or may not bring when it comes out, next year.

When the event came out it brought various features with it, needless to say the people were excited to try them out as soon as possible, and try they did! It also brought new players to the game as at the time the event officially started, Madden Mobile was featured in the updated tab of both Google Play and iTunes stores.

Seasonal Events?

Here comes the golden question, how is this of any use to me if Christmas is already around the corner? It’s long past Halloween now and there’s nothing you can do about it.

That statement is true, the event is over, but you can still get a bite of the precious treasures it came with as some of the rewards are still available to the players 🙂

Some of the player who got the chance to try out the limited time event may be disappointed as in hindsight it offered great value for their teams, you know how it is, everything that is good will eventually end, worry not though, the event will be brought back next year for the whole player base to enjoy!